Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Is Technology Helping Us Gain or Lose

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  An interesting article recently poses the questions : As science and technology—including the Internet—offer us ever-increasing ways to supposedly expand our horizons and abilities, are we gaining something or losing something? Are we becoming more effective at the expense of our emotional well-being? If we have 2,000 “friends” on Facebook, are we less likely [...]

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Authenticity and Transparency in Social Media Really, four words sum up how to be authentic and transparent online – Be Your Honest Self! And, when you think about it, you already know how to be you, and I know how to be me. We don’t need to take some expensive course or read a “self [...]

Blogging For Success in Your Business

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  As you probably know by now, blogging is a hot ticket in today’s Social Media and Online Marketing efforts. Many of your potential clients and customers are already visiting favorite blogs regularly. Is yours among them?   Local Business Marketing can be extremely enhanced by simple blogging on a consistent basis. It offers a [...]

Breakthrough Blogging Help | 4 Questions You Must Answer

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Starting a blog is a romantic idea.  Blogging sounds wonderful; so many people are doing it and people like me, who work with small businesses, are encouraging clients to “get blogging.”  People revel in the design process of a blog; they tell everyone they’re starting a blog.  But often people don’t put a lot of time and [...]