Friday, April 13, 2012

Video Marketing – 5 Tips for the Camera Shy

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    Video marketing is something I am NOT comfortable with, how about you?  Recently my business partner at All Things Social Online, Jackie Ulmer, and I sat down to make a video introduction for a group we will be training.  Jackie is a pro at video marketing and I think I have tried my [...]

Just as the Beatles Broke Up, Small Business Marketing is Looking for a New Relationship

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Small business marketing has entered into a new relationship with social media. This is not that different from forty years ago when Paul McCartney announced a “temporary break with the Beatles.”

What Are Your Default Settings?

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When running a small business marketing is just about always the last thing on the business owner’s plate. There are so many other things to do just to keep the doors open that by the time the owner finds time to think about marketing, the day is gone, the owner is exhausted and the creative juices stopped flowing hours earlier.

Social Media Weather Report

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Weather can play a huge part in your social media marketing plan. Are you incorporating the weather as a key component in how you market?

Is Your Marketing Program Half Asleep? 5 Steps to Wake It Up!

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With small businesses, where you are trying to do everything yourself, often times your small business marketing plan suffers. Your program is half asleep and it doesn’t want to get into gear. But you need to remember…..Your marketing program will only work when you are fully committed, fully awake and ready to make it work. Here are 5 steps to help you focus, wake up your program and make following your marketing plan easier.