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How SEO, Word Clouds and Good Intentions Nearly Cost Me a New Client

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Social media mistakes can happen in the most innocent of ways. Here are two social media mistakes I made with SEO, word clouds and good intentions that just about cost me the job and also made the client think I was crazy.

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Are SEO and META Tag Details Overwhelming You? . You know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of your website plan, right? After all, this is what helps Google find and rank you in their coveted search results. You want your audience to find you when they go looking. This short video covers [...]

Get Centered with SEO

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Just like we all need to be centered in life, SEO is what provides the center to all social media efforts and your social media marketing effectiveness. SEO should be your primary focus whether you are new to social media marketing or have a long standing online presence.