Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 Twitter Tips for Social Media Success

Twitter is a great tool for getting the word out about your business and establishing yourself as a credible source in your niche. You’ll want to make sure you are doing a few things right from the beginning, though. Here are three Tips for using Twitter effectively and to attract your ideal following: 1. Do [...]

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  Are you wondering if social media is right for your business? Is it just a waste of time? Are people really paying attention? Is it just a fad? Word of Mouth results are staggering in social media. 25% of the search results for the world’s top 20 brands are links to user generated content [...]

Social Media Saves a Small Tourist Town

Ever wonder if there is truly a return on investment with Social Media Marketing? It really doesn’t matter if you are a small business such as a Landscape Architect; CPA; Real Estate Agency; or a Tourist Destination, Social Media Marketing can do wonders for you business. Listen as partner Leslie McLellan shares her experiences [...]

5 Tools to Make Your Technology Life Easier and Portable

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One way to stay efficient and effective with Social Media and keep in touch with what is happening in your business is to use certain technology tools designed to assist with this. You don’t have to be a techno whiz to use any of these tools and they can really make a difference in your [...]

Is Technology Helping Us Gain or Lose

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  An interesting article recently poses the questions : As science and technology—including the Internet—offer us ever-increasing ways to supposedly expand our horizons and abilities, are we gaining something or losing something? Are we becoming more effective at the expense of our emotional well-being? If we have 2,000 “friends” on Facebook, are we less likely [...]

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Authenticity and Transparency in Social Media Really, four words sum up how to be authentic and transparent online – Be Your Honest Self! And, when you think about it, you already know how to be you, and I know how to be me. We don’t need to take some expensive course or read a “self [...]

Breakthrough Blogging Help | 4 Questions You Must Answer

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Starting a blog is a romantic idea.  Blogging sounds wonderful; so many people are doing it and people like me, who work with small businesses, are encouraging clients to “get blogging.”  People revel in the design process of a blog; they tell everyone they’re starting a blog.  But often people don’t put a lot of time and [...]

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Social media marketing requires, oops…. sorry… it DEMANDS constant care and feeding. Social media marketing is not rocket science, but there IS a science to it.

Social Media is the New Customer Service

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Imagine having someone call and complain about your company or its products/services. You’ve probably had it happen at some point if you are running any type of business, right? Now, imagine a disgruntled customer sending a “tweet” out via Twitter to an audience of 2000 people; imagine if each of those 2000 people sent it [...]

Who’s Managing Your Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing It’s certainly the buzzword in the business world today. Whether you are watching the news; reading the menu at your favorite restaurant; or surfing online, one can’t help but notice the “Connect With Us on Twitter and Facebook” icons and verbal reminders are springing up everywhere! Do you know what this could [...]

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