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Crush it in Direct Sales Online

November 14, 2010 by Jackie Ulmer  
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“Crush It”, Gary Vaynerchuk’s outstanding book, is a must read for Online Business Building Success

Have you read “Crush It?” If you are serious about incorporate online methods of building your business into your daily/weekly action plan, it is a must read!

I’ve read it 3 times and am not done yet! I pick up new stuff each time! One point he makes quite well is that of branding yourself; and I agree so strongly with what he is saying.

This is a goal I set out to achieve nearly 11 years ago when I took my Direct Sales business online. My goal was to develop my own style; following and community around the values; methods and ways I feel strongly about in my life and business.

He makes some clear points on “brand building”:

“Developing your personal brand is key to monetizing your passion online. Whether you are delivering your content by video, podcast or blog. it’s the authentic you, the one thing that is guaranteed to differentiate you from everybody else, INCLUDING those who share your niche and business model.”

As you use social media to promote yourself; your business and whatever else you do, reflect on whether or not you are showing your authentic self at all times. This does not mean you have to get “super personal” on all levels. Everyone doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING about your personal life and how you live it.

Just be sure that “Who you are” online matches who you are in real life. People will know a fake immediately!

For me, when I started online, I was a mom with small children working with them by my side, building a business and a lifestyle. “Profit in Your PJs” became my tagline! My goal was and is to show other moms, and anyone else, that it is possible to build a successful Direct Sales/Network Marketing business and a successful family at the same time. That became my brand.

That is still my brand today. Although, my life situation is much different with two teenagers and much more time and freedom in my business. And, I still love supporting moms (and others) and coaching them through the challenges of building that business.

So, who are you, and who is the brand you are building online? What is the message you want to deliver? Who is your target audience, or “tribe?”

Make sure that voice shines through loud and clear! Social Media Marketing makes it so much easier to do this! You have a community out there waiting to embrace you!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and want some help setting up your online presence; developing a strategy and/or even maintaining that, All Things Social Online wants to talk to you!

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