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Customer Appreciation Tips

June 14, 2011 by Jackie Ulmer  
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In this tough economy, and anytime really, we know that it is easier to keep a current customer than gain a new customer.

When a customer or client feels appreciated, they remain loyal and refer others to your business.

In these days of technology, too many businesses are relying solely on technology such as email to keep in touch with customers. Why not set yourself apart and use a personalized business greeting card to reach out and “touch” your customers.

Whether your business is real estate, insurance sales, car sales, or whatever, sending a greeting card can help your customer feel important and cared for. And, again, customers who feel special will be loyal customers.

Much of email gets deleted before opened, but a card that comes in the mail will get opened, and often before any other mail! And, it not only brightens their day, but also facilitates an instant connection with you. The bottom line is that business greeting cards keep people connected, benefiting both the receiver and the sender.

As so many business have moved away from direct mail, it’s easy to think that initiating a business greeting card program is going to be expensive and time-consuming. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Here at, we have found an online service that takes all the hard work and major expense out of direct mailing our customers and prospects and it is highly affordable.

This card service is an innovative relationship marketing strategy that works for small business people and freelance consultants in every industry and/or niche.

Sending business greeting cards is one way of implementing relationship marketing, a people-based marketing strategy that works.

Not only that, but think about this…

As customers, we all expect excellent customer service. And when you send a card, it is a great way to build relationships with your customers and prove you are committed to giving excellent customer service.

We would love to have you try out this service, send a card on us and learn more ways to provide excellent customer service. Click the photo below and send a special card to someone who’s business you value or who you care about -



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