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Direct Sales Success Story

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Direct Sales and Social Media Marketing – Does it Work?

Are you in Direct Sales and wondering about how to combine Online Tools, Social Media Marketing and your business together to find more customers and sponsor others into your business? The Internet is an amazing tool and can do wonders for your business if you learn how to use it correctly.

In October of 1999, after struggling with trying to build a Direct Sales business offline, with pre-school aged children, I discovered the power in a new, upcoming tool called “the Internet.”

My company was launching personal websites for its representatives and so I began to educate myself about this fascinating medium. If people were going online to research hotels and restaurants in Hollywood, surely they were also going online looking for a home based business.

I wanted to develop a system online where people who were looking for a business could find me; study me; explore my Direct Sales business and sign up with me, even if it was 2:00am and I was asleep! Well, before too long, this started happening. I began growing a nationwide sales organization made up of people who found me online, and jumped in!

I quickly found that I sponsored more people monthly online than I did in a year or more offline. I had high quality business prospects finding me and requesting to know more about my business. This is a Direct Sales representatives dream!

Over the course of ten years, I sponsored over 1,200 people into my business, created tens of millions of dollars in sales for the company and a high six figure annual income for myself. I was hooked. I know the power of the Internet and what it can do for any business!

You must make sure that you are using Social Media in the right way in order to have success, however.

It’s not about blatant advertising if your opportunity, or your products. It’s still all about building relationships with people and letting business naturally unfold from there.

You’ll want to have a few key items in place before you begin:

Personal Website/Blog

Lead Capture System (Auto-responder)


Marketing Funnels

For your website/blog, I highly recommend as your platform. This site/blog is a WordPress product. You’ll find resources on getting it set up under the .

For your lead capture, or Auto-Responder, I recommend

Content is something you’ll want to develop regularly. This is everything from an article to a Facebook not; a video; status updates and anything that you put out online that speaks for you and your business. Focus on providing value to your audience and not just “pitching your deal!”

Finally, your marketing funnels. These include your presence on sites such as , , , LinkedIn, your blog postings and any other sites where you develop a presence and engage with other people in some format.

Develop a Social Media Action plan that shines a light on you as a business professional and you will attract an audience.

All Things Social Online would love to assist you in developing what you want. Contact us below:

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