Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do It Yourself/Help!

SEO, WordPress Site/Blog Setup and more


Are you ready to jump in and do some of your own steps with your business Search Engine Optimization; WordPress or Site/Blog Set up; Lead Capture and More?

There are plenty of terms that might be coming your way that seem quite foreign – SEO; META tags; WordPress; PlugIns and Widgets? Whhhhat?

Here are some resources to assist you in the process.

First, get your WordPress Platform Set Up.

Second, learn a little about Meta Tags and Keywords – Download our SEO and META Tag Guide!

In a nutshell, “SEO (search engine optimization) gets your site ranked high in Google’s search engine listing results, and this can bring more traffic to your site for free.

The first position in natural search result gets 41-45% of the clicks, almost 20 times the amount of clicks the first paid search result gets! So if you can build quality, original content in the structure that search engines like Google prefer, you can tap into the best “traffic faucet” online.

Please go through our other resources under the Do It Yourself/Help drop down pages.

If any of this seems overwhelming, let us customize an Online and Social Media Marketing Strategy that fits you. Complete the form and let’s have a phone conversation: