Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SEO Meta Tags and Your Site

It’s all about SEO…

You hear a lot about it, but do you have it?


What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

It’s all about being found on Google and other search engines without the searcher knowing your name, your website or anything about you.  Search Engine Optimization is about making your web site search engine friendly so you can be found through search terms and links rather than by your exact web name.

Getting rankings

Once your site is part of the search engine’s index (if it isn’t already, we can take care of that!) you can now start to optimize your site!  It’s fun, it’s a bit of a game and often times best to have someone who knows what they are doing handle it for you.   Basic SEO involves working with your Meta Tags, Title tag, Content and Links.

Meta Tags

For SEO, the Meta tags tell the search engines what your site is all about.  Meta tags need to be specific and include a variety of things about your site.  In order to be really viable, the Content on your web site (which follows your Meta tags) should be original and specific to what the site is about. You need to have at least 300-500 words on your web page and continually write to your keywords (another thing we can help you with!). It’s important that you also get your site linked with as many sites as you can – there is an art to that and comes a little later down the line. Linking builds your popularity on the web and the search engines, such as Google, give you high SEO scores for the more links you have.

Title Tag – So what is it?

A Title Tag is super important and it is a bit “techie” too.  A title tag is a piece of HTML code that describes a specific web page’s content via keyword queries that a person types into a search engine. In SEO, Title Tags tell what is in the content of a specific web page. Creating an appropriate title tag is one of the most important things you can do to achieve high ranking SEO. (See, we told you it was “techie”…)

Want to see your Title Tag?

A little more “tech” stuff here…The title tag is found in the source code of a web page or at the top of your browser window. The easy way to see the title tag is to right click on your web page, click on “View Source” in the pop up box and you will see <title> in the window that opens. Your title tag follows the word  <title>.  Of course you can always ask us to show you too.  Sometimes that’s just easier.

My Title Tag should say what?

Your Title Tag should include your keywords as well as the most important services you offer. Bottom line, for SEO, your keywords must stand out in the title of your index page before anything else.

Can my Title Tag be really long?

The answer is NO.  Your title tag should be 6 to 12 words (so the experts say) and be 60 – 80 characters including spaces.  Title Tags are vitally important to your SEO so if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, let us help you.  You want to make sure that you provide the search engines with very important, specific information.

The cool thing here is that you can have different Title Tags for different pages.  So this means you can spread your keywords over your various pages.  The main thing is having a strong Title Tag for each page which will increase your visibility on all the search engines and improve your SEO.

The Meta Description Tag (only 2 more tags to learn about – whew!):

The Meta description tag is another super important and powerful SEO tactic. This tag is found in the “techie” part of your HTML code –near the part you looked at in the Title Tag section. Your Meta description is another one of the most important tags in achieving good SEO rankings.

What should your Meta Description Tag say, what words should it contain?

This description tag needs to be a powerful statement using your keywords as to what this particular page is all about.  It’s generally felt that the Meta description tag should be 12 to 24 words and up to 180 characters. The main thing you need to know though about a Meta description tag is that it’s really important and needs to be great.  End of story.  And of course, we can help you make it great!

What is a Meta Keyword Tag?  (Or that this point, do you really care?)

Ok, this one is not as important as the others.  BUT it is still relevant for SEO.  The Meta keyword tag lists the specific words and/or phrases that tells what your page is about. To write this tag you would use your “keywords” or “key phrases” or just have us do it for you.

How can I check out my Meta Keyword Tag?

Go back to the “tech” part of your website (referred to in the Title Tag section).  You’ll find the Meta Keyword Tag there.

Couple things to remember about Meta Keyword Tags

Your keywords need to be listed in order of importance, i.e. what your page is about and so forth. Don’t forget to include variations of a keyword, meaning the singular and plural versions. Don’t overuse your keywords.  Or, just call us and we can work it out for you.

So what do you think about SEO?

SEO ranges anywhere from a little overwhelming to completely frazzling.   After years of working with SEO, we get it, so it just might be easier for you to let us do the work for you.  It’s up to you, but we’re here if you need us!

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