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Facebook 101 For Business

November 9, 2010 by Jackie Ulmer  
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Using Facebook For Business

Facebook is one of the fastest growing and hottest social networking communities on the internet.  It’s a powerful community that offers a variety of ways to create conversations, share content of value, and build relationships with a network of friends, potential customers, hostesses, and business partners.

And, it is a dynamic way to connect with friends and associates from your past who you may have lost touch with- grade school through high school; college; previous employment; etc. Think “Warm Market, Circle of Influence.”

Here are some powerful statistics (November, 2010):

  • Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the world (only GOOGLE has more visitors).
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the 4th largest.
  • There are now over 500 MILLION active members on Facebook and 600,000 more people are joining every day from all over the world.
  • More than 50% of Facebook users in the U.S. are 35+ in age, well educated and have above average incomes. (These are qualified prospects!)
  • The fastest growing demographic on Facebook are women ages 55 to 65, with over 3,560,100 of them in the United States alone. (Many of them are perfect for your products and your business!)

These statistics are staggering!

So, go get signed up, if you aren’t already

Go to and follow the steps. It’s simple and easy. Fill in the information blanks and get started. Couple of suggestions –

Use your real name – remember our goal is to brand ourselves and not our company or products. As more and more people are hopping on Facebook to reconnect, you’ll want to leave a clear path to be found.

Developing Your Power Profile

Your profile is a very important part of your Facebook strategy because it is going to deliver the information most people will use to decide if they want to become friends and interact; what your interests are and who you are as a person; what you have in common; what you do for work or business; and what might interest them in getting to know you better.

Please make note of these key elements to creating an effective profile.

Your picture – this is critical. It must be a quality picture of YOU to be effective. Please don’t miss this point.

Your basic information – this allows people to learn about where you are from, where you live now, your birthday (leave the year off your profile for identity theft reasons), etc.

Your personal information – activities and interests

Your contact information – how can they get in touch with you?

Education and Work – another great way people from your past can find you.

Friends – Finding and Making Relationships

Remember that Social Media Marketing is all about creating and building relationships and finding and making friends is where this starts. Through Facebokok, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with friends from your childhood, high school, college, previous employment and those within your local community and region.

One thing I want to stress right from the beginning – it is about quality and not quantity.  What is the point in having 5000 friends who don’t know you, and don’t really care about your message or share common interests with you.

Status Updates

You want to set a goal as part of your daily strategy to update your status a few times a day. Be relevant and post an equal mix of business, social and personal.

Avoid being too mundane or personal. No one needs to know that you are fighting with your kids; or that you are changing the sheets, etc.  Keep it on subjects that others will find useful, of interest and worth commenting and engaging on.

And always keep your integrity. If you have to think twice about posting it, you probably shouldn’t. This most often involves politics or religion, or any other potentially taboo subject. While most of us have opinions in all areas, I personally save these comments and debates for my close circle of friends and nothing that is going to go public and potentially create conflict and regret.

Creating Community and Socializing

It’s Called “Social Networking”  because people love engaging with others either right next door, a few neighborhoods over; across the country or across the world through Facebook. Statistics show that people are cutting back on their evening TV time to interact more on Facebook and other social media sites.

I really want to encourage you to spend plenty of time being social and engaging with others; give them plenty of opportunity to see the business side of you; but also know when to “turn off business mode” and become a well rounded person.

Groups and Pages are another great way to create community; make contacts; build relationships and establish your presence, brand and message.

You can easily find places where your target market is going to be by finding groups and pages that fit your profile. You can join groups related to any interests you have as well as groups that fit your perfect client/prospect profile. You can use the Search Box at the top of the page to type in keywords related to what you are seeking.

And, don’t go overboard with groups. Choose 3 – 5 to begin with and make sure you are being consistent. I see people with 800 or so groups or pages and I am certain they are not actively involved with all of them, so what’s the point of being a member?

You may want to lurk around first and get a feel for the group members and culture before you jump in and start posting. And, there are usually only a small percentage who participate, and a larger group who just reads and takes it all in.  Often, it’s these lurkers who will contact you to further the relationship as they watch you and attract to your brand.

Daily Strategy

Finally, you’ll want to develop a daily Facebook strategy that fits your overall goals and target market. Define your objective; who your target audience is; what they are looking for.

Then, show up and be consistent in offering content of value to them.  Facebook is fun, social, and a GREAT place for making business connections.

If any of this seems overwhelming, All Things Social Online would love to help you set up; implement and even maintain your Facebook and Social Media Marketing Strategy.

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