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Get Centered with SEO

October 29, 2010 by lesliemclellan  
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Just like we all need to be centered in life, SEO is what provides the center to all social media efforts and your social media marketing effectiveness.  SEO should be your primary focus whether you are new to social media marketing or have a long standing online presence.

I had a rude awakening a few months ago when I realized that my own blog, , had absolutely zero search engine optimization.  I actually thought someone was doing it for me, but that was not the case.  So I threw myself into learning SEO and it made all the difference in the popularity of that blog.  Suddenly I was being found, not by my own social media efforts, but via the search engines.  What a great thing to have happen!

My own personal experience is one of the reasons All Things Social Online started.  In this day and age it’s crazy for businesses not to take advantage of search engine optimization.  Here are 3 vital reasons why businesses, especially small businesses need to be on top of their SEO:

  1. With small marketing budgets SEO can make or break a small business in today’s local search marketing mentality.  You can bet others in your niche are making the most of it.
  2. It’s brings you FREE traffic and the marketing reach is phenomenal.
  3. Your entire social media marketing program centers around your SEO efforts via your keywords and tags.

Is it OK to outsource your SEO? 

If you are a small business and trying to do everything yourself, it certainly is fine to outsource SEO and in the long run it could be the most cost effective way for you to operate.  If search engine optimization is not your “thing” and you are trying to do all aspects of your small business yourself, then by all means, don’t wait – get someone doing your optimization ASAP.  (Of course we hope you‘ll consider us for this, but whoever you choose to work with, just get it done as you will see an online difference fairly quickly.)

“More” is what it’s all about – more customers, more leads, more sales.  Search engine optimization can bring “more” of everything to your website.  So if you’re not sure about SEO – outsource it and get your website really working for you!

The bottom line is – the better your SEO, the more centered your online efforts are and the better your website will be.  Search engine optimization provides all the necessary online elements you need to create success for your business.  When done properly your small business will attain higher visibility and by that you will receive much “more” traffic to your website. 

If you need help creating “more” for your small business and getting centered with SEO, just contact us.  We’re here to help!

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