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Is Technology Helping Us Gain or Lose

March 29, 2011 by Jackie Ulmer  
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An interesting article recently poses the questions :

As science and technology—including the Internet—offer us ever-increasing ways to supposedly expand our horizons and abilities, are we gaining something or losing something? Are we becoming more effective at the expense of our emotional well-being? If we have 2,000 “friends” on , are we less likely to have genuine friendships in life?


It’s certainly an interesting study. As the parent of teenagers, fully engaged in texting and facebook; while less engaged in actual conversation, a lot of this has alarmed me, or at least made me aware. I don’t know if it is divisive or can actually bring people closer.

I do know that in my 11 years of building a Direct Sales business online, I have made some amazing connections and built relationships with people across the country and even the globe. I would consider some of these to be among my best friends and some I have never met in person.

With those I have met, often we are just like old buddies from the time we meet.

The “cyberworld” is amazing and brings the world closer, just as long as we don’t lose touch with “the real world” and what matters!


Read the full article below and then weigh in with your comments!


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