Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Website Blog Design

Website Design For Success

Websites are a must in today’s changing business environment and no longer serve as “just a brochure.” Consider this, without a website, you are virtually invisible to hundreds or even thousands of your potential clients and customers.

The good news is, you are not too late. All Things Social Online is here to assist you in creating a website that produces.  After all, in the cyber-world, your website is your “store front” and often the first impression your customers are going to have about your business, long before they enter your physical address or speak to you or your staff.

The Blog is a component of your website that allows you to interact with your customers and site visitors, and create unique, fresh content that the search engines love.  It’s a marketing must today!

Good Website Design is Critical

Since your website is the hub of all your online business, you want it to work for you at all times. It is your “full time salesman” working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Experts will tell you that you have about 10 seconds to make a solid impression when someone lands on your website. If they don’t find what they are looking for within that time frame, they push close and move on to the next site.

It’s important to be very clear on the fact that there are critical components that go into creating a pleasant, productive experience for your website visitor as well as making sure it is going to be a site the Search Engines “like” and will rank high on their pages.

The content (text) on your site needs to engage your visitor and compel him/her to want to know more. The design, layout and navigation are also important so your visitor knows what comes next and you are in control of “guiding” the process of providing the important details.

As advertising and marketing moves largely to the internet, you don’t want a “thrown together” website to shout out to your visitors that you are not professional. Your competition won’t make that mistake.

Search Engine Friendly Pages

Making sure your visitor experiences your website in a positive way is a top priority, and must be blended with also making sure that your website is “friendly” to the Search Engines. If you aren’t showing up when people look for you, you don’t need to worry about what your visitors see, right, because they won’t find you.

Understanding how the search engines find and rank sites is a full time endeavor, since the parameters are constantly being tweaked and changed slightly. You want to hire a web site designer who knows how to build a functional site; using cutting edge platforms and tools; and that it is optimized for the most relevant keywords your potential customers will be using to find you.

Make sure you hire someone with a proven track record for getting sites to the top in Google.

And, remember it’s not always about what you like or what you may think “looks” the best. There are many “bells, whistles and flashy things” that the search engines not only dislike, but they can’t “read” and will therefore throw out your site from its listings.

If you have a website already, we would be happy to do a Website Review and Strategy Analysis/Proposal  for you; then you can determine how you want to proceed.

If you don’t currently have a website, let’s schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your business; your online needs and what All Things Social Online proposes to create just the right online strategy for you! Complete the form below: