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Social Media is the New Customer Service

January 11, 2011 by Jackie Ulmer  
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Imagine having someone call and complain about your company or its products/services. You’ve probably had it happen at some point if you are running any type of business, right?

Social Media New Customer ServiceNow, imagine a disgruntled customer sending a “tweet” out via to an audience of 2000 people; imagine if each of those 2000 people sent it to just 2 others; and each of those just 4 others. Imagine how fast the word might get out about some negative aspect of your business or products.

Or a status update placed on that is shared by hundreds and then thousands, all sharing the “bad word” of your business or company.

That is exactly what is happening in the world of Social Media, where there is an entire movement to “share what’s on your mind” and what goes on in your day to day life.

You run a coffee shop. Some harried business person sits too long in your drive through; gets the wrong coffee order, and it’s lukewarm as he pulls up to the stoplight before turning onto the freeway and takes the first sip. It’s a long light and so he whips out his cell phone and sends out a tweet naming your business, location and the terrible coffee and experience.

How many others might see this before he arrives at his destination?

If you don’t have someone online managing “customer service” and complaints, in a positive manner, what affect might this have on future business?

If you want a real life example, take a moment to watch United Breaks Guitars on YouTube. Notice the number of views this video has had. (close to 10,000,000 as of this posting!)

Not everything is going to get to this extreme,  and never to you and your business, hopefully. Things go wrong in every business and most consumers are reasonable and understanding, and there is no doubt that a sincere apology and attempt to right a wrong can create oodles of positive for your business.

So, imagine your Social Media Manager sees a tweet come in about your business. You Social Media Manager responds in a positive, upbeat way, apologizing upfront and asking for more details. And then, simply asking what can be done to make the situation right.

Cold Pizza? No problem, we’ll replace it for free and refund your purchase!

Bad service? We want to make it right, come in for an XYZ on us this week.

Many people wonder what the ROI is on Social Media and time spent there. In cases like this, it can be priceless. And, also consider that people like to go “Where Everybody Knows Their Name” ala the TV show Cheers. Social Media can go a long way toward engaging your customers and creating extreme loyalty to your business. What’s the ROI on that? Especially when they tell their friends.

Social Media Marketing IS the new customer service. Sometimes people just want to vent and Social Media is now their outlet of choice. You want to be sure you are there, and aware, when they decide to vent about you.

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2 Responses to “Social Media is the New Customer Service”
  1. says:

    Aloha Jackie & Leslie,

    Wow, this is such a great example of the huge impact of social media today! Thank you so much for “putting it out there”. More and more businesses and especially huge business must “open their eyes” to the impact social media has and will continue to have on our changing world! Word of Mouth has become viral and is now World of Mouth!

    Much mahalo (thank you) for educating us and the world!

    With love & gratitude,

    • Jackie Ulmer says:

      Thanks Kellie!

      It really is an eye opener, isn’t it? People like to tell about bad experiences and now they can hit the masses!

      Appreciate you!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

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