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Social media marketing requires, oops…. sorry… it DEMANDS constant care and feeding. Social media marketing is not rocket science, but there IS a science to it.

Just as the Beatles Broke Up, Small Business Marketing is Looking for a New Relationship

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Small business marketing has entered into a new relationship with social media. This is not that different from forty years ago when Paul McCartney announced a “temporary break with the Beatles.”

What Are Your Default Settings?

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When running a small business marketing is just about always the last thing on the business owner’s plate. There are so many other things to do just to keep the doors open that by the time the owner finds time to think about marketing, the day is gone, the owner is exhausted and the creative juices stopped flowing hours earlier.

Who’s Managing Your Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing It’s certainly the buzzword in the business world today. Whether you are watching the news; reading the menu at your favorite restaurant; or surfing online, one can’t help but notice the “Connect With Us on Twitter and Facebook” icons and verbal reminders are springing up everywhere! Do you know what this could [...]

Get Centered with SEO

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Just like we all need to be centered in life, SEO is what provides the center to all social media efforts and your social media marketing effectiveness. SEO should be your primary focus whether you are new to social media marketing or have a long standing online presence.

Marketing Success for Small Business ~ From Local to Global to Local

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Small business marketing success has gone full circle. Several decades ago people did business with other businesses in their town or nearby city. Word of mouth marketing was prevalent and most helpful. But small businesses longed for a way to have a larger reach.