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Twitter – What You Should Know

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What’s the RAGE about Twitter

You’ve probably seen and heard it everywhere, and you may even be using it, but unsure what it’s REALLY all about. People are “Tweeting this” and “Tweeting about that”, right? Should you be “Tweeting”, too?

What the heck is Twitter?

Twitter is a “micro blogging” site that is used to share short, simple ideas, thoughts and news online with your virtual audience and connections.

Is Twitter really an important tool for my business?

The Twitter platform is quick, effective, and low cost (virtually free) method to spread the word about a product, news or event. When done right, it can create a “viral marketing” strategy as others in your network pass along your information to their contact base and so on. One “Tweet” has the capacity to reach millions of viewers.

How does Twitter work and what do I need to know?

Twitter works on a simple concept of social interaction. You write about something of interest to you that is short and simple and others in your network may read it. If they find it interesting, they strike up a conversation with you. And, in many cases, they pass your message along to their contacts.

Some very common questions that are often asked are:

What should I Tweet about?

What is currently important and relevant to you and likely to your social network, as well? Remember Social
Networks such as Twitter are all about conversing with others so try to engage your audience and create more than a “one way Tweet!” Determine your Twitter objective and it will be easier to define what to tweet about.

What is your Twitter Objective?

You already know that Social Media tools such as Twitter can be a great strategy for promoting your business and products, so what should you do first? Define some goals around your Social Media time and interactions. What do you want to get out of time and energy spent there? Some typical business objectives might be:

• Introducing and defining a company/product brand
• Generating Potential Business Leads
• Generating actual sales
• Part of your overall marketing and PR strategy
• Weighing in on events in your business sphere
• Breaking news and events to your audience
• Engaging and socializing with customers
• Offering customer support and service

Define Your Twitter Strategy

Now that you know your objective, let’s figure out how to put together an action plan that is effective and efficient.

Who do I follow?

• Potential and Existing clients; establish and develop rapport
• Competitors – keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening
• Bloggers and news organizations who publish content related to your industry
• Movers, Shakers and trend setters on Twitter

How do I promote my Twitter Profile?

• Add your Twitter Profile to your business cards.
• Add your Twitter profile on your website and blogs; easily done through a WordPress Plugin.
• Include your twitter profile in your email signature and forum profiles.
• Link your Twitter profile with LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites.
• Contests, coupons and promotions work great on Twitter and help spread the word.

How often do I Tweet?

• Update as much as possible when there is something relevant to say.
• “Retweet” newsworthy and noteworthy content you see (this means share it, and give credit to the original tweeter!)
• Use the Twitter Mobile apps to add your mobile phone and take advantage of time on the go to create twitter content and updates.
• Welcome and communicate with your new followers.

Have fun, relax and do some research. Pay attention to what the crowd (your crowd, specifically) is doing on Twitter and then fall into line! Tweet, retweet and watch your online presence grow!

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