Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Social Media and Online Marketing Strategists


We would love to be your Social Media and Online Marketing Strategists! We know we have the knowledge, experience and Social Media Savvy to help you design a plan that works for your business; your budget and your bottom line!

Don’t just take our word for it; here is what some of our clients and seminar attendees are saying:

HUGE shout out to my buddy and SEO GENIUS Jackie Ulmer. After just a week of the changes she and her partner Leslie McLellan made to my website, Google is loving me!!! Thanks!

Julie Anne Jones, – ranked #1 in Google after just one week for her primary key word; page 1 in 5 other keyword categories.

Dear Leslie and Jackie,
On behalf of the Rim of the World Education Foundation we would like to extend our thanks for your help in making our website a reality. Thank you for all the time and effort that went into making it look sharp.
We appreciate you !

Laurel Leidner

And, from some of our webinar/conference calls:

Aloha Jackie! I am on your Social Media Call and your ability to communicate the foundation of social media to the newbie is incredibly skillful!  I learned a lot “foundationally” from your call.  Your way of explaining our industry and social media so “resonates” with me.

Kellie Hosaka, – “Do-It-Yourself” Coaching Client

Hello Leslie,

Thank you so much for your informative, lively and engaging seminar on Social Media at the IETC Cultural Heritage Conference.  Not only did you inspire me to jump on the Social Media band wagon, but you also had me take a long hard look at my present advertising and marketing strategies.

It will take me a bit time, effort and organization to get me to where I would like to be with Social Media.  I now understand how important and cost effective it is to any business or organization.

Again, thank you, and I am anxiously looking forward to your next seminar on Social Media.


Sandra Koos, Principal, K & E Promotions


“Hi Jackie, you shared some really valuable tips on the social media marketing call last night. No fluff…lots of useful information, thanks!”

Tamyka Lee Washington, Webinar Attendee


“This was a great meeting. I learned so much from Leslie regarding Social Media. What a fabulous 2 hours! Thank-you!”

Kandy Fincher, Sr. Sales Manager, Ayres Inn & Suites Ontario at the Mills Mall


“So I got a little soaked on the way home from the DSWA Meeting today but it was well, well worth it. Not only did Jackie Ulmer do a wonderful presentation and answer many, many of your questions but for those of you that were not there…we had the pleasure of having Nikki and Grace show up on their way back to Hawaii! How great is that!?! My brain is filled with new things to implement TODAY to gain greater exposure.

Bonnie Clark, Seminar Attendee


“I discovered Leslie McLellan on Twitter. This in itself is unusual in 2 ways. First because I have 13,000 followers and by chance I connected with Leslie. And secondly I just find it unusual to find someone as talented and knowledgeable as Leslie is on Twitter.

Leslie spoke as a guest on my monthly podcast and out of the 68 podcasts I have done, we never had the response we had after interviewing Leslie. I was inundated with e-mails and requests to speak to her. Leslie is an amazing passionate, lively, and engaging speaker. You find yourself after a while mesmerized by everything she is saying. The other great thing about Leslie is she knows her stuff. Whether it is tourism, tourism marketing, small town communities, Social media and many other marketing mediums, Leslie has an in- depth knowledge and has a gift of being able to communicate her message in a fun and exciting way. She can make complex topics seem easy and appealing to understand. In other words she is a perfect teacher.

I can highly recommend Leslie as a teacher, speaker, motivator, destination marketer extraordinaire and a Social Media Regional Queen.”

Manny Papadoulis, Principal, Icon Tourism, Perth Western Australia

LinkedIn Recommendations:

“I found Jackie in 2009. Her website is a wealth of information that has helped me take my business to the next level. After following her advice I learned some new techniques for connecting with my customers via social networking. Her tips on internet marketing are spot on.

I have also purchased some of her CD material, specifically: Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business Using Web 2.0

This program was well worth the money for anyone interested in learning more about social networking.

I’m looking forward to doing more business with Jackie in the future.”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Michael Sparks,

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