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Who’s Managing Your Social Media Marketing

January 4, 2011 by Jackie Ulmer  
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Social Media Marketing

It’s certainly the buzzword in the business world today. Whether you are watching the news; reading the menu at your favorite restaurant; or surfing online, one can’t help but notice the “Connect With Us on Twitter and Facebook” icons and verbal reminders are springing up everywhere! Do you know what this could mean to your business?

Have you incorporated this into your marketing strategy yet?

And do you have a Social Media Manager or someone in charge of this very important aspect of your business? Do you even know where to begin?

Here are some things to think about regarding your business online and developing a solid, Social Media Strategy:

Do you have an onlineĀ  marketing plan in place?

Have you identified someone to handle this for you in your company?

Is your business using a Facebook Page? Twitter? Blog or Website? YouTube?

Do you understand how these services might benefit you; creating leads and new customers for your business?

Do you know who your target market is?

How often are you connecting with your target market online?

Do you know what is being said about your company online? Do you know how to monitor this? Do you have someone handling Reputation Management for you?

These are all items that you’ll want to have answered quickly so you can move forward with your primary job – running your business.

If you don’t have someone on staff qualified to handle these items, outsourcing the job might be the right answer for you. A Social Media Manager can advise you on the best strategies available, and get your online tools set up for you. Most business don’t know how to get started online, and yet they know that it’s an important part of your business.

Here are the bare-bones pieces you want to make sure you have in place:

  • Website/Blog – preferably on the WordPress Platform for solid Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Page for Business
  • YouTube Channel and videos promoting your business
  • Twitter
  • Listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing for Local Business
  • Listings in other Directories
  • Solid Search Engine Optimization so your customers find you when they are looking.
  • Mobile Marketing with coupons and updates for your customers.

If you are unsure how to get started and get these set up, All Things Social can help! Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation to find out where you “are” and get you headed in the right direction online.

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