Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Us?

Why choose us to assist you in getting your business online, and more importantly, found by your clients and customers online?

Good question! Social Media is moving at record speeds and you don’t want to make a mistake when selecting your Social Media Strategists. You are positioned to benefit from “First Mover Advantage” online in the next 12-24 months.


Because online traditional advertising sources such as the phone book/yellow pages which categorize strictly by alphabet; and your local newpaper, where preference is given to those with the biggest ad budget are becoming dinosaurs.

Google and other Search Engines give preference to those who get online first with a few key things: a highly relevant, keyword optimized web site;  fresh content and a solid social media presence!

Welcome! Leslie McLellan and Jackie Ulmer have a combined 40+ years in marketing; and 13+ years of online marketing experience. They specialize in helping small businesses use the power of the Internet and Social Media Marketing to build a local customer base and expand.

We have helped our clients go from “nowhere to be found on Google” to a #1 listing in just one week! We want to help you get the results you desire.

We have used Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to generate leads for ourselves and our clients.

We have a proven track record as Social Media Strategists and Managers. Our results provide the social proof you’ll want to see as you select a company for the job.

About Leslie McLellan:


Most small businesses are overwhelmed with marketing, PR and social media and don’t have the time to do it properly. This is where Jackie and I come in! Here are 3 reasons, from my background, that I hope will spark some interest for you to connect with us:

* I’ve been marketing with little or no money and competing successfully with entities that have huge budgets for over 20 years.

* Just like you, I’m in the trenches, day in and day out marketing – walking the walk, talking the talk.

* I know what it takes to run successful marketing, PR and social media programs – and have a pretty long track record to prove it.

For the past 20+ years I have marketed Lake Arrowhead, a Southern California mountain resort community, as a tourist destination on very little and sometimes absolutely NO money. Over the years we have successfully held our own in the very competitive Southern California tourism market against destinations with huge, multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

My “niche” is anyone looking to stretch their marketing budget.  Over the years I have marketed entities, using very little or no money, such as resort retail shopping centers, a resort hotel, a school district, consulted with a few other cities, a yearly summer concert series, countless small businesses, a ton of events, and have been part of the marketing of the Inland Empire region of California to name a few.

Stretching marketing dollars is certainly a challenge, but for me, it has always been totally FUN too. These days I spend a lot of time with clients and speaking to groups teaching them the ins and outs of social media marketing and how to do it successfully with virtually no money.  It takes time and effort, no doubt about that, but it’s really exciting and the payoff is huge!

* In November 2009 I received great ROI news that gives wonderful credibility to what social media can do… Lake Arrowhead held its own, as a tourist destination in this tough economy, solely via social media efforts.   We have not had money to spend on print advertising the past couple of years so social media has been our savior. This was a huge coup and I’m excited to share my roadmap as to how we did this. **I’m sure you are wondering how I was able to track our social media ROI…..My information comes from the County of San Bernardino as they provide us with an annual tourism marketing grant based on bed tax collected. In 2009 a slightly higher amount was collected than in 2008 and our only marketing was via social media outlets! So there’s the validation – pretty exciting!!


About Jackie Ulmer:


Originally from Colorado, I have lived all across the country with a career in Airlines Sales and Marketing. While living in Phoenix in the 90s, I began a home based business in Direct Sales so I could be home, raise my children and still have a career.

I built a fairly successful business for 6 years using all offline marketing methods; Warm market contacts; Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking Groups; Advertising, etc.

However, in October of 1999, I “found” the internet and decided to pursue this method of generating prospects and customers for my business. Well, the results were staggering. I went on to build a multi-million dollar sales organization; became the top distributor and #1 income earner in a company; built a sales force of nearly 20,000 and ongoing Internet generated leads of 10-20 per day.

I focused heavily on learning Search Engine Optimization; Website design and layout; Social Media Marketing and how to get ranked on the front page of Google for specific keywords. And, I did all of this on a very shoe-string budget; focusing most of my efforts on Social Media Tools and keywords. (And, with two children at my side!)

I have been interviewed on numerous online radio shows; published in online and offline magazines and books; and I enjoy speaking to Rotary; Networking Groups, and anyone who will have me on the power of online marketing!

I would love to help you generate the type of traffic and leads you desire for your business; and to get you ranked on the front page of Google in your market!

Let’s talk.